Northern Red Oak

Known for its unique and recognizable grain pattern, red oak is an ideal wood for furniture.  It takes color consistently and has long been appreciated for its natural beauty.

Rustic Maple

Its more subtle grain pattern allows maple to showcase the unique growth patterns of the trees.  The direction of the growth causes interesting transitions from light to dark, and the occasional appearance of quilting, occurring when the tree grows in a wavy pattern.  Maple is the perfect choice when color and texturing are preferred over a strong grain pattern.

American Hardwoods

Working with authentic domestic hardwoods is a rewarding experience.  Trees are made as uniquely as we are, with no two being identical.  It is this individuality that gives each tree (and each piece of furniture made from it)  an appearance of its own.  Each piece that we make can be made in your choice of Northern Red Oak or Rustic Maple.

Sourcing & Sustainability

We are blessed to be located in Central Wisconsin with local access to some of the best natural resources in the world!  The majority of our hardwoods are sourced from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, supporting the local economy and minimizing the impact of transportation.  One thing wood is really good at is storing carbon; it’s made of the stuff!  Purchasing wood furniture means that the carbon in the wood will remain there for generations instead of being released into the atmosphere when it dies and decays in the woods.  Yes, that means you can reduce your carbon footprint by owning wood furniture!

It’s been said by many responsible companies that they plant two trees for every one that gets cut down.  This is a nice thought, but it understates how capable and amazing trees really are.  In reality, each tree that is responsibly harvested has already been working for years, establishing its own seed base that will sprout dozens or hundreds of new trees as soon as the parent tree is gone!  Logging is healthy for a forest, as it removes old growth so that the newer, healthier growth can sooner reach its full potential.